Compressor servicing

Compressor servicing

The importance of routine compressor servicing can sometimes be overlooked as an unnecessary cost which is understandable when a system is working with no issues, however after a period of time parts naturally become worn, filters become clogged and oil levels disperse, inevitably leading to faults and breakdowns.

This is why routine compressor servicing is vital as an insurance to prevent possible production downtime for your business.

Our services have been made into easy to understand packages as listed below:

  • 2000hr service (minor)
  • 4000hr service (intermediate)
  • 8000hr service (major)

Compressor service plans

We also provide the option of a service plan that suits the needs of your system, covering all of your equipment in one contract.

Please contact us for further details on our service packages.

Alex Nicholl compressors saved me money as the equipment i was going to purchase was not correct for what i needed. A highly professional service...

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Chris Wallis

The service we received was excellent, efficient, professional and was completed discreetly allowing production to continue...

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Headline Filters

I was really satisfied with the service I received, and felt the compressor had received the TLC that it was seriously needing...

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