Screw Compressors

Screw Compressors

The rotary screw compressor uses two rotors (helical screws) to compress the air.

When the rotors start turning, air will get sucked in on one side and gets 'trapped' between the rotors.

Since the rotors are continuously turning, the air gets pushed to the other end of the rotors (the 'pressure side') and new fresh air gets sucked in.

Where can they be used?

Screw compressors can be used in workshops and factories where a lot of air is required. Compared to Piston Compressors, the Screw compressor is much more powerful, yet less noisy and can continuously work under pressure to meet your factory air demands.

They run continuously and their capacity (litres of air per second) is generally much bigger compared to Piston Compressors.


  • Higher capacity
  • Runs continuously
  • Ideal when a lot of air is required
  • Quiet and smooth when running

What services we can provide

We can offer the following services for all screw compressor brands and models:

The service we received was excellent, efficient, professional and was completed discreetly allowing production to continue...

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Alex Nicholl compressors saved me money as the equipment i was going to purchase was not correct for what i needed. A highly professional service...

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I was really satisfied with the service I received, and felt the compressor had received the TLC that it was seriously needing...

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