Compressor servicing, maintenance, installation and breakdown assistance in Ashford

Ashford compressor servicing - Ashford compressor maintenance - Ashford compressor installation - Ashford compressor breakdown.


We have no commitment to any one compressor brand making it easy for us to supply or maintain any type of air compressor equipment in Ashford, this allows us to work out what suits your needs best which can be important should you require dry air or a high demand unit.

Available services

  • Compressor installations in Ashford
  • Air compressor servicing and service packages in Ashford 
  • Supply air compressor parts in Ashford
  • Attend compressor breakdowns 24/7 in Ashford
  • Provide air compressor maintenance services in Ashford

Service providers at heart

Our main focus at Alex Nicholl Compressors Ltd is to keep your business productive, this is why our routine servicing is carried out to the highest standards to minimise potential breakdowns. This is put together using an appropriate service plan which calculates the level of service required on your compressor based on the usage, environment, age, and its condition.

Contact us now on 07712 813267 for a free no obligation quote or if you have any further questions on the compressed air services we can offer your business.


This town lies on the river Great Stour at the south edge of the North Downs.

Alex Nicholl compressors saved me money as the equipment i was going to purchase was not correct for what i needed. A highly professional service...

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Chris Wallis

The service we received was excellent, efficient, professional and was completed discreetly allowing production to continue...

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Headline Filters

I was really satisfied with the service I received, and felt the compressor had received the TLC that it was seriously needing...

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Alfred Goodrum